My name is Alan Okina. You can just call me, Okina (Weng in Japanese). To this day, the language and culture of Japan continues to deeply influence me. I wish to teach and share this wonderful language and culture with everyone. The translation done here is for learning purpose and self-improvement. I’m currently working in Japan since 2014.

Japan Association of Translators (Member of JAT)

  • Jun. 2016 – Present

Australian Tutoring Association (Associate Member of ATA

  • Nov. 2012 – Present
  • Membership #: 2012001068

AccreditedTutor (Accredited Tutor by AT

  • Dec 2013 – Present

Private Teaching Experience (Australia and Japan)

  • 2010 – Present

Industry Experience (Australia)

Office Environment

  • Internal Sales
  • Customer Service

Manufacturing Environment

  • Internal interpreting (Mandarin ↔ English)
  • Internal training for production operators
  • Write internal monthly safety and 5S bulletin
  • Team safety representative and 5S coordinator
  • Research and development + technical support + writing new in-house test method
  • Product testing, quality control, and credit claim

Other languages that Okina speaks: Chinese and Taiwanese

e.g. learning and email communication can be done in Chinese as well.


Other Registered Online Directories

  1. TutorFinder
  2. SeekaTutor
  3. Hotfrog

Academic Achievement (Australia)

  • Certificate IV in Frontline Management at Randwick Tafe (2009)
  • Bachelor of Science at UNSW (University of New South Wales 2009)                           Minor in Japanese (5 Subjects Completed: 2 High Distinctions & 3 Distinctions)
  • Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1 Certificate (2005)
  • NSW HSC 2003: Japanese Continuers= 96/100; Japanese Extension= 44/50



  • Mini fact: Okina Color in Japanese is Brown.
  • The date format used in this blog generally follows the Australian style (dd/mm/yyyy) .
  • The videos uploaded here (apart from Okina’s original) are only for viewers’ self-learning purposes. All rights belong to original owners and Okina’s Learning recommends everyone to purchase the original publication.

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