What’s going on with Taiwanese nowadays?

This is a specific post for Taiwanese tourists to review themselves for the inappropriate manners and troubles that are still being caused when travelling to Japan.This is based on reported cases, personal experience, the points below will be written in Chinese. Another post for general manner guideline and common sense when travelling to Japan will…

September Proverb: 意気投合

意気投合(いきとうごう) It means a relation of affinity or describes the people just clicked together. It can apply to love relationship as well as friendship. 意指一拍即合的意思。      

August Proverb: 百花繚乱

百花繚乱(ひゃっかりょうらん) It literally means many flowers blooming in profusion. The proverb describes the phenomenon of talents and achievements are happening simultaneously. 意指人才輩出。 P.S. There are also anime used this proverb as a title.

The Japanese Style Gapao (ガパオライス)

Last few weeks, I went to the local supermarket in Okinawa that I usually do grocery shopping and found that they got bento of Thai dish, Gapao, in Japanese style. It is called ‘ガパオライス’ in Japanese. This is probably just for a limited time as I don’t see them now (I want more><”). Please see the…

唐揚げ (Karaage) or 竜田揚げ (Tatsudaage)?

Have you wondered why deep fried chicken in Japan are sometimes called ‘唐揚げ (Karaage) or から揚げ’ and the other is called ‘竜田揚げ (Tatsudaage)’? 唐揚げ usually uses wheat flour and simply deep fry the chicken in the oil. 竜田揚げ usually seasons the chicken first and the uses potato starch to make thicker coating when deep frying…

July Proverb: 私利私欲

私利私欲(しりしよく) This describes a person is selfish or acts only on one’s own benefits/ interests. 同義詞有「自私自利」。

June Proverb: 一騎当千

一騎当千(いっきとうせん) In the old days, it meant one warrior’s fighting ability can go against a thousand enemies. Now, it describes a person has extraordinary talent, skills, or ability than the ordinaries. 也就是中文的「一騎當千」. P.S. There is also an anime called ‘一騎当千(Ikkitousen)’.

Good RPG Game Apps for Japanese Learning

I have collected some RPG Game Apps (a Japanese account is required). Playing game while learning a language is also a good choice and supplement. Just need to keep an eye on the time management for other tasks you need to do. Please see the games below (some are not free; the list is in alphabetical order): 1. Bravely…

April and May Proverb: 危機一髪・弱肉強食

危機一髪(ききいっぱつ) It means ‘at the critical moment’, something negative nearly happened but got away with it. 同義詞有「千鈞一髮」 弱肉強食(じゃくにくきょうしょく) It means ‘the law of the jungle’. If you have been watching the anime and the live action movie of ‘Kenshin’, you would hear this from Seta Soujiro and Shishio Makoto. 同義詞有「適者生存,不適者淘汰」

Largest Shopping Mall in Okinawa Has Opened Today!

The largest resort shopping mall, AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom (イオンモール沖縄ライカム) with more than 200 stores, 60 restaurants, theater & event spaces, aquarium, resort hotel, and thousands of parking spaces opened today. Let’s go straight into official promotion video to see how it looks like below: [1] Official Promotional Video Official website Japanese http://okinawarycom-aeonmall.com/ English http://en.okinawarycom-aeonmall.com/ 中文 (簡體) http://chs.okinawarycom-aeonmall.com/…