Bad Service or Just Got Ripped Off?

Got things that doesn’t fit in with what you normally know in your country or while travelling overseas? Maybe you got ripped off.

Examples of bad services from Australia by SMH (Sydney Morning Herald) since 2010.


2011 (as the previous article commented, it did seem to get worse.)

2012 (Improved?)

2013 (Still the same?)

There seems to be one article every year. Let’s wait and see if another article comes up in 2014.

Something Fishy?

Some examples that make you think they just don’t know what customer service is about, hiding something, or just wanted to get you feed their own pocket without delivering what’s being promised:

  • Had to go to see 3 doctors to find out one of your organs burst from 3 clinics/ hospitals?
  • Had to fix your taps every 3 weeks?
  • Had not being paid by your working holiday employer?
  • Had to pay extra because the company or people can’t meet the deadline they agreed to you originally?
  • Had action from the real estate agent that doesn’t fix anything for you by supplying loads of delaying excuses?
  • Had no reply from the university when they offer online courses but don’t want to answer your questions via email and insisted only through the phone?
  • Had no call backs when the business
  • They treat you like they are the customer?

Few Tips

  • Use an email to communicate as a back up and reference if applicable.
  • Keep the receipt of a product in a folder or scan it to your computer for future
  • References so that you can track the timeline of a product and service.
  • Always question things you are not sure. Don’t be shy but be respectful. Some take the advantages of shy or polite people.

Read the terms and service of a product and service you intend to invest your money on. Check business and tribunal sites and get familiar with reporting procedures and documents required to justify your case.

Assistance You Can Get in Australia:

Some of us just don’t know where to get assistance or deal with it the way it should be. Please see some sites below:


Rip off websites that provide you with past examples and you may find the same thing is happening to you.



Got more tips to help others? Let’s share it.


Rip off in Japanese=騙された(だまされた/ Damasareta)

Rip-off in Japanese=詐欺(さぎ/ Sagi)


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