Dream Hunters

What I wanted to share today are videos from the Japanese singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, actress and radio personality : YUI, for people who are doing exams for high schools, universities, or after what you are passionate about. I think patience and never give up are the two of the important keys to success to your life. Here are my picks:

YUI: Again

Again is the song after YUI’s come back from her break in 2008 and realised her meaning of life and what music means to her. This resonates to me that how important of exploring and realising the true value of you life is.

YUI: Fight

YUI originally made the song to cheer junior high school students in Japan who are preparing their high school entrance exams. Fight describes that the reality of chasing your dream may not be always successful and smooth. This is also not a song simply just saying ‘cheering up (がんばれ/ Gannbare)’ as many are already trying hard but rather it’s like you saying it to yourself.

I also love the fact that she doesn’t dress up like other talents who looks like they are shifting the audience’s attention to other parts instead of singing. She focuses on the core of music and her belief which should be a great inspiration to everyone.


[1] juan camilo castaneda (5/7/2012), Yui again, retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKkEwX-D-cw, last accessed 14/4/2013

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