Kansai Trip 2014

Hi guys,

Around the end of April, I was travelling in Kansai area before I arrived Okinawa. I would like to share some photos and tips as well.

Trip Routes in Kansai

Osaka(大阪)-> Shirahama(白浜)-> Toba(鳥羽)& Ise(伊勢)-> Nara(奈良)-> Osaka again.

Travel Tips

-When at the train station, always ask directly if you can to avoid time loss and unnecessary unexpected incident to ruin your mood.

-Check out free tourism flyers in the stations, bus stops, and information center.

-In the hotel you stay, ask about food recommendation at the reception as they may have discount voucher. You can save some money too. Here are some photos:

1-Kansai Airport Bus Stop 1. Kansai Airport Bus Stop 2-Osaka Uehonmachi Station2. Osaka Uehonmachi Station 3-Okonomiyaki3. Okonomiyaki

4-Osaka City-Night4. Osaka City at Night

5-Osaka-Railway Bar5. A Railway Bar in Osaka

6-Osaka Castle6. Osaka Castle

7-Shirahama Station7. Shirahama Station

8-Shirahama Beach8. Shirahama Beach

9-Shirahama-19. Shirahama Scenery-1

10-Shirahama-210. Shirahama Scenery-2

11-Sandanbeki-111. Sandanbeki-1

12-Sandanbeki-212. Sandanbeki-2

rsz_13-shirahama_to_toba13. Train Ticket from Shirahama to Toba

14-Ise City-114. Ise City-1

15-Ise City-215. Ise City-2

16-Ise City-316. Ise City-3

17-Nara Park-117. Nara Park-1

18-Nara Park-218. Nara Park-2

19-Nara-Toudai Temple-119. Nara Toudai Temple-1

20-Nara-Toudai Temple-220. Nara Toudai Temple-2

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