Martial Arts & Media・武術とメディア

Media can promote false impression and information about something as general public like gossip, controversy, and probably doesn’t promote the image the way it’s supposed to be.

Photos, videos, articles, translated & interpreted materials, and social media, etc.

Single one of the above just isn’t enough to represent a style or a single technique. This article and others in this blog are the same but try to cover as much as possible. Does the visual thing you see represent the whole story? Not necessary.

Can a photo from Facebook showing someone doing a technique properly? No, if you consider the below:

-Are you from that school to make a comment? If not, don’t try to interrupt others in the same schools from teaching. It is rude. You may ask for a discussion with mutual respect after the class.

-How much do you really know about it?

-What is the setting? Any cultural and historical aspect?

-Would you believe the comments on the social media completely?

People tend to believe their own style or school is the best. All styles can be the best if you know what you are doing. Misinterpretation is the most common trap and mistake people fall into. Demonstration for general public is only set up as a demonstration. It doesn’t always show you the whole story as general public probably won’t get it all.

TV Shows

1. They get people from various background to fight for a winner. The winner gains power in saying a thing. Historically, the winner in the battlefield has the say. The ones lost the war seem to be wrong in everything. Well, it’s politics. Cooperates are still the same nowadays.

2. They test out punches from different styles using machines. Does it really measure what it supposed to measure?

Some claim that they have been doing certain styles for X years. If you are doing it wrong for X years, it’s still not right. Or you were taught to believe this is the only one. Be careful about your own ego. Be open minded.

Martial artists at different age and levels would show various realization. When seen by a third angle with no martial arts background. It will also appear differently. People assume, misinterpret,  and can believe there is an end or that’s all according to what they see.

If you think you know it all. This is just a common trap for the general public and some experienced martial artists to get trapped in.


  • The points explained here are only minimal general guidelines.

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