How to Read Japanese Job Ads・求人広告の見方

Apart from the ads online, I would like to talk about the common corresponding format in English if you are in Japan looking at the local free job magazines from convenience stores.



1. エリア 2. 待遇(たいぐう)・コメント 1. Job Area/ Location 2. Treatment/ Conditions/ Comments
3. 企業・お店の情報(きぎょう・おみせのじょうほう) 3. Company/ Shop Details
4. 募集職種(ぼしゅうしょくしゅ)

5. 雇用形態(こようけいたい)

4. Career Category/ Classification

5. Work Type

6. 募集要項(ぼしゅうようこう) 6. Position/ Role Requirement & Benefits


Abbreviations may be used in the numbers above.

2. Treatment/ Conditions/ Comments

  • Down Arrow Symbol: 初心者歓迎(しょしんしゃかんげい)-> beginners or

new comers are welcome

  • 学生:学生歓迎(がくせいかんげい)-> students are welcome
  • 研修:研修有(けんしゅうあり)-> has training
  • 長:長期(ちょうき)-> long-term
  • 短:短期(たんき)-> short-term
  • Uniform Symbol:制服貸与(せいふくたいよ)-> uniform rental
  • 食付(しょくつ)き:食事付(しょくじつ)き -> has meal (s)
  • 社保:社会保険完備(しゃかいほけんかんび)-> has social insurance
  • 社員登用:社員登用制度(しゃいんとうようせいど)-> employee hiring system
  • P:駐車場有(ちゅうしゃじょう)-> has a car parking
  • 昇:昇給有(しょうきゅうあり)-> has pay rise
  • 賞:賞与有(しょうよあり)-> has bonus
  • 交:交通費支給(こうつうひしきゅう)->has transport allowance
  • 駅近:駅近郊(えききんこう)-> near the station
  • 夜勤:夜勤(やきん)-> night shift
  • 夕迄:夕方(ゆうがた)までのお仕事(しごと)-> work until the evening
  • 16時迄:16時(じ)迄(まで)のお仕事(しごと)-> work until 4pm
  • Apartment Symbol:寮完備(りょうかんび)-> comes with accommodation
5. Work Type

  • 正:正社員(せいしゃいん)-> a full-time employee
  • 契:契約社員(けいやくしゃいん)-> a contractor
  • パ:パート -> a part time job
  • ア:アルバイト -> a casual/ temporary/ contract job
  • 派:派遣(はけん)-> an employee sent from a temporary agency
  • 紹:職業紹介(しょくぎょうしょうかい)-> job referral
  • 予定:紹介予定派遣(しょうかいよていはけん)-> an employee scheduled for a job referral sent form a temporary company
  • 委:委託(いたく)-> Outsourcing
4. Career Category/ Classification ; 6. Position/ Role Requirement & Benefits

  • 給:給与(きゅうよ)or 報:報酬(ほうしゅう)-> pay; salary
  • 職:募集職種(ぼしゅうしょくしゅ)-> career category/ classification
  • 仕:仕事(しごと)-> work
  • 地:勤務地(きんむち)-> work area/ suburb
  • 資:資格(しかく)-> qualification
  • 待:待遇(たいぐう)-> condition; treatment
  • 時:時間(じかん)-> time
  • 休:休日(きゅうじつ)-> public holidays (days with no working obligation)
  • 暇:休暇(きゅうか)-> paid leaves (days with working obligation initially)
  • 出:出勤日(しゅっきんび)-> working days
  • 期:期間(きかん)-> period of time
  • 事:事業(じぎょう)-> business; enterprise
  • 応:応募(おうぼ)-> application
  • 担:担当(たんとう)-> (person in) charge
  • 入:入社日(にゅうしゃび)-> position starting date
  • E: E-mail
  • URL: URL
  • PR: 自己(じこ)PR -> self public relation -> you write a summary explaining why the company should hire you.
  • 他:その他(た)-> others

The abbreviations below are usually inside a small circle whereas the above are in squares.

  • 時:時給(じきゅう)-> hourly rate
  • 日:日給(にっきゅう)-> daily rate
  • 月:月給(げっきゅう)-> monthly rate
  • 基:基本給(きほんきゅう)-> base rate
  • 固:固定給(こていきゅう)-> fixed rate
  • 早:早番(はやばん)-> early shift
  • 遅:遅番(おそばん)-> late shift
  • 昼:昼勤務(ひるきんむ)-> day shift
  • 夜:夜勤務(やきんむ)-> night shift
  • 昇:昇給(しょうきゅう)-> pay rise
  • 賞:賞与(しょうよ)-> bonus


労働基準(ろうどうきじゅん):Labour Standards

If you are interested, there are further readings from 厚生労働省(こうせいろうどうしょう), the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

In Japanese

In English and pdf files are also available in languages like Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalong, and Korean.

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