Okinawa Trip: Food

Local food is also another great exploring field when travelling, especially you are travelling alone or on a budget. Supermarkets are great alternatives from restaurants on magazines or Internet. I have chosen some photos to share.


あんぱん (Anpan) is a typical round red bean-jam bread. The red bean used is usually the small red bean called あずき (Azuki). つぶあん (Tsubuan) is the type of processing that keeps skin of あずき (Azuki) intact when making the あんぱん (Anpan).

Square AnpanCompared to the round あんぱん (Anpan), the above is the square version of it.




The above dish is boiled モロヘイヤ (Molokheiya) and オクラ (Okra) seasoned with soy sauce. お浸し (Ohitashi) is a kind of dish that you season the boiled vegetables with soy sauce.


The above is charcoal grilled chicken and chopped long green onion skewers.

Chicken Cutlet

The above is chicken cutlet.

Okinawa Only Cup Noodles

The above is the Okinawa only version cup noodle with flavor of かつお (Katsuo) and ソーキ (Soki) that are bonito and pork ribs respectively. Each prefectures in Japan would have their own local items sold only in that prefecture.

Discounted item

The above is one of discounted item on the day, ベービーシュークリーム (Baby chou à la crème). The supermarkets I encountered in Okinawa were ローソン(Lawson), りゅうぼう (Ryubo), サンエー(San-A), かねひで (Kanehide), and ココストア (Cocostore).

Purple Yam Tart

The above is a great sweet called 赤いもタルト (Purple yam tart) from 御菓子御殿 (Okashigoten). I have tried one and thought it was pretty good as it’s not too sweet. The flavor was rich and layered. It’s recommended to buy as souvenirs. This is their website:

Yushi Doufu Soba

The last one and a bit special one is the noodle dish with traditional Okinawan tofu, ゆし豆腐そば (Yushi Doufu Soba). The ゆし豆腐 (Yushi Doufu) is the tofu made from adding the bittern into the soya milk before it becomes the tofu as we know. Just for your interest, the tofu or 豆腐 (Doufu) is regarded as the meat for farmers because its nutritional values.

The owners were very friendly and we had a good chat. It was also my first time to taste the noodle other than common flavors we know like soy sauce, miso or salt. The saltiness of the pork fits greatly with the light and smooth soup. This shop was near by the Shuri castle. This is their website:

PS. Okinawa=沖縄 (おきなわ)

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