Okinawa Trip: Scenery

I was in Okinawa half for holiday last week. This was in Naha City. I walked from Asato (安里) station to Shuri (首里) Castle. That was about 40 mins. The course was pretty random. ^^” (Asato Station-> Shuri Station-> Kokusai Street-> Makishi Station-> Asato Station)

Shuri Castle EntranceThe above is the explanation about Shuri Castle front gate.

Shuri Castle Stairs After Entrance 2Steep stairs after the entrance. (Be careful when walking on it if it’s raining.)

View from Shuri CastleBefore you getting into the ticket kiosk of the Shuri Castle.

Shuri Castle Left Side-after paying the ticketThe left side inside the Shuri Castle.

Koukasi TooriAt the entrance of Kokusai Street (こくさいとおり). By the way, that’s not me.

Makishi Station-American Canteen
Have a look at the middle of the picture. They do have the tower burgers in Okinawa as well.

Makishi Station-Shisa
This Shisa is next to the Makishi (牧志) station.

What is Shisa? Shisa is written as シーサー in Japanese. It’s a guardian animal that has features from lions and dogs. It protects you from evils and brings happiness.

Nami no Ue Beach

Lastly, the 波の上ビーチ (Nami no Ue Beach) in Naha city.

Another view of the beachAnother view of the beach~

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