Dream Hunters

What I wanted to share today are videos from the Japanese singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, actress and radio personality : YUI, for people who are doing exams for high schools, universities,…

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Okinawa Trip: Food

Local food is also another great exploring field when travelling, especially you are travelling alone or on a budget. Supermarkets are great alternatives from restaurants on magazines or Internet. I have…

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Funny Ninja Commercial

This is the 2004 commercial made for UFJ Tsubasa Securities. Still very funny~ Source: tvnador (15/9/2009), Pub UFJ Tsubasa Securities Ninja, retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5gCbvfw0T4

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The UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN (USJ) located in Osaka has cooperated with the video game company, Capcom, to launch a new horror action attraction, BIOHAZARD THE REAL, from 19th of July to 10th of…

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Okinawa Trip: Scenery

I was in Okinawa half for holiday last week. This was in Naha City. I walked from Asato (安里) station to Shuri (首里) Castle. That was about 40 mins. The course…

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News+4 Proverbs

Hi everyone, Long time no see. Hope all of you are doing well. Over the next 2 months, there will be some updates coming soon about the website, free learning materials, and the direction of the focus. Please stay tuned and come back regularity. Proverbs (Dec 2015 to Mar 2016) 油断大敵(ゆだんたいてき) Security (Carelessness) is the…

レシート (Reshi-to) or 領収書 (Ryoushuusho)

レシート (Reshi-to) or 領収書 (Ryoushuusho) Both of them are translated into receipts. So what’s the difference? 「領収書(Ryoushuusho)」 usually shows who or which company is it for and the purpose with a total cost whereas the 「レシート(Reshi-to)」 only shows the list of items with individual and total cost. When you say「領収書」 in convenience stores, that means…

October Proverb: 適材適所

適材適所(てきざいてきしょ) It means to put the right man in the right positions or put the man in his best fit. 意指讓一個人到一個到適合的職位發揮他的實力。 同義詞有「適材適用」。 Sharing is caring!

What’s going on with Taiwanese nowadays?

This is a specific post for Taiwanese tourists to review themselves for the inappropriate manners and troubles that are still being caused when travelling to Japan.This is based on reported cases, personal experience, the points below will be written in Chinese. Another post for general manner guideline and common sense when travelling to Japan will…

September Proverb: 意気投合

意気投合(いきとうごう) It means a relation of affinity or describes the people just clicked together. It can apply to love relationship as well as friendship. 意指一拍即合的意思。       Sharing is caring!