Dream Hunters

What I wanted to share today are videos from the Japanese singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, actress and radio personality : YUI, for people who are doing exams for high schools, universities,…

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Okinawa Trip: Food

Local food is also another great exploring field when travelling, especially you are travelling alone or on a budget. Supermarkets are great alternatives from restaurants on magazines or Internet. I have…

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Funny Ninja Commercial

This is the 2004 commercial made for UFJ Tsubasa Securities. Still very funny~ Source: tvnador (15/9/2009), Pub UFJ Tsubasa Securities Ninja, retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5gCbvfw0T4

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The UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN (USJ) located in Osaka has cooperated with the video game company, Capcom, to launch a new horror action attraction, BIOHAZARD THE REAL, from 19th of July to 10th of…

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Okinawa Trip: Scenery

I was in Okinawa half for holiday last week. This was in Naha City. I walked from Asato (安里) station to Shuri (首里) Castle. That was about 40 mins. The course…

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How to Use Genkouyoushi

What is Genkouyoushi? Do you need to use Genkouyoushi for your high school Japanese exams? I would like to share my past experience and tips with you. Please click the link of the pdf file below: How to Use Genkouyoushi The essay tips can also be applied to other languages even this is written for…

Japan and Top 20 Countries Learning Japanese

Post 2

I have summarised some quick facts about Japan [1] for you. Geographical Location: Asia Pacific Capital: Tokyo Currency: Yen (¥) Population: around 130 million people Area: around 378000 square kilometers Current Prime Minister: Shinzo Abe Legislature: National Diet (Upper House + Lower House) Total Number of Prefectures: 47 Main Regional Languages: Eastern Japanese, Western Japanese,…

Welcome to Okina Learning

Welcome. My name is Okina. This blog will share vairous topics about Japanese language and culture. There will be a new post every week or every fortnight on this blog. Douzo、 yoroshiku onegaishimasu.   Sharing is caring!