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August Proverb: 進まざる者は必ず退き、 退かざる者は必ず進む

進まざる者は必ず退き、退かざる者は必ず進む。 (Susumuzaru mono wa kanarazu hiki、hikazaru mono wa kanarazu susumu) It is a step back if one doesn’t progress, one who doesn’t step back will progress. This is written by Japanese Volatire, Fukuzawa Yukichi (福沢 諭吉・1835-1901), who founded Keio University and was a early Japanese civil rights activist. It doesn’t mean that you you don’t…

August Proverb: 百花繚乱

百花繚乱(ひゃっかりょうらん) It literally means many flowers blooming in profusion. The proverb describes the phenomenon of talents and achievements are happening simultaneously. 意指人才輩出。 P.S. There are also anime used this proverb as a title.

August Proverb: 千載一遇

千載一遇(せんざいいちぐう) It describes that there is a rare chance or opportunity show up only once in a thousand years. This implies that there is a once-in-a-lifetime chance that we shouldn’t miss in whichever the thing we pursue or are doing. 意指千載難逢的機會。   千載(せんざい)= a thousand year 一遇(いちぐう)=encounter or meet once