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Stroke Order of Hiragana & Katakana

As previous post discussed about the stroke order, here is the stroke order of Hiragana and Katakana for you. You can also find it under the tab, Free Learning Aids. Hiragana Stroke Order     Katakana Stroke Order

Should I Start with Romaji or Hiragana/ Katakana

It surely is an easier way to start from Romaji (Romanised letters/ characters). But once you develop a habit of referring to the Romaji all the time. It’s probably not a good habit in the long term if you plan to progress to the next level. Advantages An easier method to get into the language Faster learning…

Basic Japanese Writing Systems

Japanese characters have been greatly influenced by Chinese characters. Japanese characters consist of ‘Hiragana (平仮名)’, ‘Katakana (片仮名)’, ‘Kanji (漢字)’, and ‘Romaji (ローマ字/ Romanized Letters)’. In fact, ‘Hiragana’ and ‘Katakana’ are also derived from Chinese characters. Let’s have a look some examples: One interesting fact is that females in Japan used to write ‘Hiragana’ whereas the…