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April and May Proverb: 危機一髪・弱肉強食

危機一髪(ききいっぱつ) It means ‘at the critical moment’, something negative nearly happened but got away with it. 同義詞有「千鈞一髮」 弱肉強食(じゃくにくきょうしょく) It means ‘the law of the jungle’. If you have been watching the anime and the live action movie of ‘Kenshin’, you would hear this from Seta Soujiro and Shishio Makoto. 同義詞有「適者生存,不適者淘汰」

November Proverb: 朝令暮改

朝令暮改(ちょうれいぼかい/ Choureibokai) 朝(ちょう): morning 令(れい): command/ law/ policy 暮(ぼ): evening/ living 改(かい): change/ modify Morning words don’t follow the morning ones. It means there is no consistency of a law policy and used to criticize the inconsistency of a government from the original proverb. Now it can also be applied to business or people at…