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November Proverb: 忍の一字

忍の一字(にんのいちじ/ Nin no Ichiji) It means that you will need to be patient to endure any challenges that may occur to the last minute before you can accomplish anything. 源自呂本中的「官箴」。意思是說要完成任何事都得咬緊牙關面對種種困難和挑戰直到最後一刻!   忍(にん)=endurance and patience 一字(いちじ)=one word

November Proverb: 朝令暮改

朝令暮改(ちょうれいぼかい/ Choureibokai) 朝(ちょう): morning 令(れい): command/ law/ policy 暮(ぼ): evening/ living 改(かい): change/ modify Morning words don’t follow the morning ones. It means there is no consistency of a law policy and used to criticize the inconsistency of a government from the original proverb. Now it can also be applied to business or people at…