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August Proverb: 進まざる者は必ず退き、 退かざる者は必ず進む

進まざる者は必ず退き、退かざる者は必ず進む。 (Susumuzaru mono wa kanarazu hiki、hikazaru mono wa kanarazu susumu) It is a step back if one doesn’t progress, one who doesn’t step back will progress. This is written by Japanese Volatire, Fukuzawa Yukichi (福沢 諭吉・1835-1901), who founded Keio University and was a early Japanese civil rights activist. It doesn’t mean that you you don’t…

October Proverb: 適材適所

適材適所(てきざいてきしょ) It means to put the right man in the right positions or put the man in his best fit. 意指讓一個人到一個到適合的職位發揮他的實力。 同義詞有「適材適用」。

September Proverb: 意気投合

意気投合(いきとうごう) It means a relation of affinity or describes the people just clicked together. It can apply to love relationship as well as friendship. 意指一拍即合的意思。      

August Proverb: 百花繚乱

百花繚乱(ひゃっかりょうらん) It literally means many flowers blooming in profusion. The proverb describes the phenomenon of talents and achievements are happening simultaneously. 意指人才輩出。 P.S. There are also anime used this proverb as a title.

April and May Proverb: 危機一髪・弱肉強食

危機一髪(ききいっぱつ) It means ‘at the critical moment’, something negative nearly happened but got away with it. 同義詞有「千鈞一髮」 弱肉強食(じゃくにくきょうしょく) It means ‘the law of the jungle’. If you have been watching the anime and the live action movie of ‘Kenshin’, you would hear this from Seta Soujiro and Shishio Makoto. 同義詞有「適者生存,不適者淘汰」

March Proverb: 無我夢中

無我夢中(むがむちゅう) It means that one is completely absorbed in something or to lose oneself in something like doing a sport. For an instance: 毎日無我夢中で稽古をする。 I was absorbed completely in training everyday. 通常指熱衷於一件事到忘我的境界。

February Proverb: 全身全霊

全身全霊(ぜんしんぜんれい) It means the whole body and soul. For an instance, 全身全霊をかけて仕事をする。 I have put everything that one has to do the job. 同義詞: 全心全意

January Proverb: 風林火山

風林火山(ふうりんかざん・FuurinKazan) 風=Wind-> swift as wind 林=Forest-> silent as forest 火=Fire-> fierce as fire 山=Mountain-> still as mountain The samurai, Takeda Shingen(武田 信玄), in Sengoku period used the initials of fours phrases from Sun Tzu’s famous book, The Art of War, as the banner in the battlefield. Originally it represent the spirit of the battlefield. Takeda Shingen…

November Proverb: 忍の一字

忍の一字(にんのいちじ/ Nin no Ichiji) It means that you will need to be patient to endure any challenges that may occur to the last minute before you can accomplish anything. 源自呂本中的「官箴」。意思是說要完成任何事都得咬緊牙關面對種種困難和挑戰直到最後一刻!   忍(にん)=endurance and patience 一字(いちじ)=one word