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Renewing/ Extending Your Japanese Working Holiday Visa

To renew your Japanese working holiday visa (I renewed/ extended mine twice in Okinawa 2014 and 2015 respectively as an Australian.) 1. Ring up or visit the local immigration office in the area you live in to check what documents you need in advance. 2. Prepare and bring all the documents such as residence card,…

News Update~

Hi everyone, Okina is currently traveling in Japan and will settle in few weeks time. So bear with me and more new updates are coming from Japan directly soon as Okina will be living in Japan with working holiday visa. Thank you for your patience and support.

How to Get a Japanese Working Holiday Visa?

As I will be going to Japan soon in April this year, I have applied for it late last year and obtained it. Before that I read through few blogs (such as Guillaume Erard and AdventureRob) related to the application. They were pretty helpful and informative. I will share some of my experience as I…