USJ Coming to Okinawa, Japan?

The Nago city in Okinawa has been a candidate in Kyushu area to build a USJ (Universal Studio Japan) theme park according to The Ryukyu Shimpo. If this development plan goes ahead, that means it should be completed and open in May 2018. This is going to help the overall development and growth of Okinawa. People will have another great spot to visit when they travel to Okinawa.

What’s your thought?


USJ、名護進出検討 自然活用型、2018年目標, ©The Ryukyu Shimpo, last accessed 7/7/2014

  2 comments for “USJ Coming to Okinawa, Japan?

  1. wan
    21 January, 2016 at 2:08 am

    I am from Nago city, Okinawa Japan.My opinion is disagree about coming USJ to my city…. because we have great place here such as ocean, mountain, river, and people living peacefully. I am sure that if USJ come to here make a lot of money, huge economy effect, however, it will make our life change. I feel my city is confotabe to live. I do not want to lose my life in Nago. I love Nago city.

    • 24 January, 2016 at 1:03 am

      Hi Wan,

      Thanks for the comment. What you saying is true. I love Okinawa and currently live in Naha city at the moment and sees what side effects it bring when no control and balance were considered. The usual peaceful and beautiful places may be drastically disturbed with noise of construction, fluctuation of visitors, and forcibly changed life style for surroundings. When it really comes which it seems like it will according to Japan Update, I hope the local government can put in the considerations to expected side effects and minimize the changes for the locals.


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